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Do you know anything softer than a yeti? A nice imaginary (or not) monster to take care of your skin. Thanks to my strong enrichment, I really suit the most fragile skins, from babies to mums or grown-up children aged 0 to 1000 years. I am the richest one of the bunch! I am enriched with shea for its softening and regenerating effects. I am the family's favourtie. Free of essential oils, my cocoa butter releases a soft and delicious smell

Made from organic products (otherwise it makes no sense)

Vegan, not tested on animals

Le Doux Yéti

SKU: 12345678
    • Douceur
    • Hydratation
    • Surgras 9%
    • Sans Parfum
    • Convient aux bébés et femmes enceintes
    • Sans colorant
    • Peaux fragiles
    • Savon visage et corps
    • Vegan
    • Biodégradable
    • Eco responsable
    • 100g

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