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Pour mieux connaître Doux Voyage n'hésitez-pas à regarder, et écouter, cette vidéo réalisée par Morgan Baudusseau.


Laurie Hernandez

Savons artisanaux près de Grenoble

How did we come to cold press soap making? It is a long story of an eczema-ravaged childhood. Growing up, you keep on looking for a solution to get rid of this problem... Then, you don't find any magic product on the market, even an organic one... So, you figure out the best way to use a healthy product adapted to your sensitive skin is to make it yourself!

And that's where it all starts! After a training session at Plantes Infuses , wandering through the woods has a different meaning, because everything seems "useful"! Walking on the soil itself looks like a massive destruction of the nature potential treasures!

After a day discovering cold process soap making, it's a real crush! How could I use shower gel for so many years, my skin being so reactive? How did I not think about it before?

I have made soap for 5 years, for myself or my relatives. I could notice significant improvement on my skin. It is much less reactive and I don't have to spread cream all over my body anymore after showering. My skin is not tight anymore and I have less eczema. It is now clear that cold process soaps are a solution for me. They are more than soaps, they are daily skin care! Friends and family also encourage me to get started. Of course, if it works for me, maybe it could help others!

Ecological commitment

A commitment to save our skin but also the planet.

Our goal: making a "clean" product, from raw materials to the finished product.

From the choice of organic oils to the packaging made in recycled cardboard and vegetal inks, we try to make eco-friendly choices. We even give you the oppotunity to go further in the zero waste effort choosing you soap with or without packaging! Obviously, all our soaps are biodegradable.

100% naturel ingredients

There is no concession in our company regarding the origins of the prodcuts, they are organic and natural. Scents are only made from essential oils (organic of course!). No synthetic fragrance or perfumes that can cause allergies. Dyes are only French clays. They do not only bring beautiful colours but also additional quality to the soap!

Cold process method

It is a traditional production method allowing to keep the benefits of vegetable oils and butters. Indeed, if the raw materials are not heated, the oil qualities are not altered. 

Superfat soaps

All ours soaps are superfat, that is a part of the oils is not saponified (turned into soap) which guarantees a good skin hydration. No more sensation of tight skin after the shower! Moreover, our soaps are rich in natural glycerin. Yes, glycerin is produced naturally during cold process soap making.

Made in France

Located in Isère in Chamrousse ski resort, 1650m above sea level, we surely are the highest soap making workshop in France! Made up there!

Nos Engagements

Savonnerie Doux Voyage, espace créateurs et artisans locaux autour de Grenoble

La boutique créateurs à Chamrousse

Nos Fournisseurs

Pour nos matières premières nous travaillons avec des entreprises françaises. C’est le moyen de garder un contact direct avec nos interlocuteurs, d’avoir la garantie d’un label sérieux et de soutenir des entreprises de proximité.

Bien-sûr, tant qu’il n’y aura pas la possibilité de faire pousser des noix de coco ou du patchouli en France, nous seront obligés de faire importer certains de nos ingrédients irremplaçables.

Fabriquant de savons naturels bio en isère
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